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5 Places to Go with Escorts in London

5 Places to Go with Escorts in London

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Once you have booked with an escort in London, you have to think about what you are going to do. There are a ton of different places that you may want to go. By having a few ideas ahead of time, you can be more organised. You can also appear to be more in control when the escort shows up and asks you what the two of you will be doing for the evening.

The Pubs

Consider going to the pubs as a way to break the ice. You may be able to taste something local. The two of you can enjoy a couple drinks while getting to know each other. You can choose to order dinner as well, keeping everything relaxed and low key.

The London Eye

When you want to play tourist for a little while, there is no better place than the London Eye. This gigantic Ferris wheel is a major part of the London cityscape. It will provide you with a bird’s eye view of the entire city. Plus, it can be quite romantic in the evening when you are at the very top.

Globe Theatre

Get a little history of Shakespeare while enjoying a production. There are a number of plays put on at this theatre throughout the year. With a little bit of planning and even the help of our VIP services, you can have tickets. When you are nervous about making conversation, this helps to ease your worries. The two of you can focus more on the play, leaving the small talk for later on.


Take a tour of the city, either by bus, boat, or by foot. It’s a great chance to play tourist while getting to know the girl at your side.

Stay In

Don’t assume that you have to go anywhere. Instead, why not stay in for the time that you’re booked, especially if it’s only an hour? You can plan to have all sorts of fun. Consider ordering in some room service. You can then look forward to some role-playing, an erotic massage, or something else.

Do what you want to do. Tour the city or stay in. Go on a romantic evening or attend a special function. Whatever it is that you do, it will be spectacular because you will be in the company of a sexy girl who can’t keep her hands to herself.

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