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How to Ask for What You Want

How to Ask for What You Want

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Booking an escort is all about getting what you want. You want to be in the company of a beautiful woman. You want to feel as though you’re on top of the world. All of this will happen when you book with an escort. However, there may be some particular things that you want – and you need to know how to ask.

You may want to get an up-close view of all of those curves that she boasted in her profile picture. You may also want to get one of the world-class massages that she suggested at the beginning of the date.

There is no reason to be shy. Treat her with respect and remember that she can choose to say yes or no to anything that you suggest. The only way to know for sure whether she is interested is if you ask. Our escorts are used to being extremely forthcoming and open-minded.

Some of our escorts will ask you straight up what you want. This will be your opportunity to identify that you would like a striptease, the opportunity to role-play, or something else. If she doesn’t ask you, let her know what you were thinking of doing. She will then let you know whether that is acceptable or not.

Rather than skirting around your desires for an hour or more, you may be able to skip all of the small talk and get right to bringing your fantasies to life. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time with the London escort, you want to make sure you ask for what you want right away.

She may be more than happy to make it happen, too. She may have simply been waiting for you to make the request. Before you know it, the door to your hotel room could be locking and she could be asking you for assistance when it comes to undoing the zipper that runs the full length of her dress. This is when you know that you are going to create some phenomenal memories of your time in London.

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